Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the ideas siswa siswi UITM (kuala pilah)

                                      I have crush emotion with someone special in yhis university.
This story kegun when i controved this university UITM kuala pilah.I meet this special someone at MDS week.This happen whwn i was lost my wallet at that time.i feel very scared and sad because it has so many important things such as my moneys and identitical card.But this boy come and offer his help to find my lost wallet.If he not help me.i do not know what happen to me.i begin to like him starting from that day onwards.i really hope that he will give me a chance to get to know him better.i know i has stupid for expecting something like that from him,but i just need to tell him the truth- i was fascinated by this kind and alluning attitude.I realised that i must confesss my feeling to him.He is so handsome and very good looking.i always look at him but faer to make a more.He is the one i've been in same class for a long time.Today i'm happy that i got to eat together with a person i have crush on.I LOVE HIM ?????.....hmmm..not sure yet,but i really love UITM ....UITM is the best place in the world.but i love him more!!!!!!!!!!..whatever it is LOVE IS UNIVERSAL.

                                        the conclusion.I GOT A DATE WITH HIM..LOVE IT.